A garden for all..


Client brief:

My clients wanted a quirky garden design with ideas that facilitates interaction within the space. Create a garden with plenty of engagement for the cats and enrichment opportunities for the pet rabbits.

Planting scheme to be both edible and non-toxic.

Design response ~

We have lovingly come to call this project the ‘Bunny garden’ and that’s because it was designed with bunnies in mind. The design theme is picked up on in the wonderfully quirky linear drainage grates. But to say that I designed a garden for bunnies isn’t telling the whole story. Two resident cats Andy and Henry, played a part in my thinking when designing this garden. There are several level changes that enable the cats to travel through the garden taking different routes. Upright log stepping stones, the lawn, the porcelain patio with two level limestone steps and the wall-mounted cat climbers either side of the garden gate.

It has been a mix of delight and challenge designing all the key design elements to create one harmonious garden. Working in a small Stotfold garden surrounded by walls gave me the motivation to create a small garden that is full of life. Creating a living wall was an essential part of greening-up the garden. The small lawn alone just wouldn’t provide enough diversity or feed the local pollinators.

Together with my ‘clients’, specialist suppliers and contractors we have created a very unique outdoor space, full of life and providing huge amounts of engagement from morning til dusk, as the copper pin lights hanging from the crabapple tree really add a touch of magic. Enter through the amazing steel garden gate adorned with steel grape vines and water bowl, where there is a whole unique world beyond.. A private haven for all of my clients to enjoy.

Client review

Big thanks to everyone involved in this project, especially Brad & Will.

Landscape installation by Blue Rose Landscapes

Dan and his team at T Brown & Sons (Metal Works) who created the amazingly unique garden gate and woven steel fence panel.

Joe at J R Electrical

Anne, Hao and team at Lateral Design Studio who produced the beautiful steel ‘Bunny grate’ and linear drainage channels