Client brief ~

My clients wanted a family garden for their young children to enjoy. An existing garden office sat exposed on a slope without comfortable steps. A sloping chalky site in need of a complete redesign.

Design response ~

Designing with natural materials immediately brings back memories of playing outside as a child. I loved working with willow to create the children’s den despite the January mud! Thanks to Arcangel for welding and constructing the mild steel framework on site.

The stepping logs are currently the children’s favourite part of the garden, but once the apricot, plum and apple trees begin to fruit.. they may well change their minds..

Cor-ten steel screens are skillfully placed to hide an old neighbouring fence, enhanced with gorgeous perennial planting and black bamboo near the garden office. A paddlestone path with thyme and chamomile paves the daily commute to work, it should be absolutely gorgeous come the summer..

The planting design includes five beautiful trees ~ the 3 fruiting trees will develop and produce fruit over the coming years and the Eucalyptus and Betula (Silver Birch) will look stunning as they put on their growth.

There is plenty to delight and nourish in this nature rich garden design for all to enjoy..

Installation by Blue Rose Landscapes